3/3/09. By Way of Beginning

You are reading the beginning of one of those liberal blogs your preacher always warned you about. 

So far, so good for President Obama.  As a screamin’ leftist, I’m just grateful for his election, and yes, you bet we voted for him from Toronto (our votes counted toward the Ohio totals, which meant we simply had to participate; in my case, I’ve voted in every U.S. election since Carter in ’76 and if I’d missed out on that chance I’d have gnawn my hands off).  With that said, I was appalled by CPAC’s conference and the Limbaugh speech.  Letterman had it right; Rush was dressed like a capo.  Not even a “boss of all bosses,” which clearly he believes he is, just some local captain who doesn’t give a damn about your kids, your pets, your future.  Sounds like Rush’s “leadership” mirrors the thorough dead-ender chorus I’ve been hearing on TV since the election. 

And thank God the U.S. actually had an election in ’08! 

Look, folks: I was teaching at Bowling Green State University during the S/election of 2000, and will never—never—forget the atmosphere during the recount “process.”  The Republican students honest-to-God believed this was the salvation of the nation.  Bad news. They were wrong.  I was still there after ’04, and will attest that “voter irregularities” meant everything to Dubya’s “winning.”  Which wasn’t.  Thereafter I had the decided sense we were working in a police state, something corroborated by today’s Justice Dept. release of documents saying the Bushies would have “suspended” First-Amendment rights after 9/11.  But some people just didn’t get it.  

Some people still don’t.  God knows how they feel tonight; from Toronto, in our quiet little location, all I know is this: now they have an idea how we felt.  Outside.  Misunderstood.  Of course, the only difference is that Dubya truly stole his office, while we the people, residents and expats alike, elected Obama together.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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