David Frum on Rush; Dubya to the Hague? (with fantasy aside)

In Newsweek, David Frum calls Rush Limbaugh “kryptonite.” This is the same David Frum who co-authored the infamous “Axis of Evil” speech, mind you. 

So just remember—here’s what it looks like when a political movement begins to die, eating itself from the inside out.  It’s nasty, but here’s the biology of politics at work, my friends. 

David Frum. Rushbo. Kryptonite. 

After the Bush kakistocracy, damn it, yes, I am taking pleasure in this.  Does anybody remember those Sore/Losermann bumper stickers from the S/election of ’00?  Speaking of ol’ Dubya, a representative at the Hague has said they might be interested in preferring charges shortly against the kakistocrats—!  Be still, my beating leftie heart….

You see, I harbor a secret fantasy: In it, there’s a new reality TV show.  The whole thing takes place in a maximum-security prison.  The inmates are communually housed, in an open-air building so we can see everything they’re doing.  On one side of the room, we have Osama, Ayman, Mullah Omar, et al, and on the other we have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfie, Rove, some of the speechwriters even….and let the hilarity ensue!  Now, obviously that won’t happen, but the idea that the World Court would even consider, well, trying potential war criminals even though they’re Americans….wow.  Justice. 

We haven’t seen that for a long while, have we?  Something like eight years.  As the Rude Pundit and Rachel Maddow have both  recently said, this’ll take some getting used to.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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