Rove vs. Conyers is One Thing; Rove vs. the World Court?

Karl Rove, who, honestly, does physically resemble some type of fowl, has been saying the Dems want to BBQ him. 

Appropriate, no?

Still, the man’s struck a deal with John Conyers to testify under circumstances you and I could never, and I mean never count on.  A private interview rather than public testimony?  Ridiculous.

Rove’s right about one thing—there are some of us who absolutely want, even need to see him on trial for obvious crimes against the US.  History, I think, will consider it a crime that Rove’s still allowed to wander around loose in the yard.

As we all know, the man’s a chicken-hawk to begin with in that he would not serve but helped send others to die in a patently illegal war.  If the World Court acts against Bush and Cheney, Karl Rove would be right there in the dock with them.  Maybe President Obama doesn’t have to do a thing about the kakistocrats after all.  But maybe Rove has a lot more to fear than John Conyers.  We can hope so, for justice’s sake.   I love the thought of those proceedings on TV, and if it was to happen, be sure we’d see it all, live, gavel-to-gavel on some network somewhere.   I’d DVR every last second, every day.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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