Meghan, Meet Ann

I read with bemusement about Meghan McCain’s general impression of Ann Coulter (Wait: Meghan McCain actually doing an impression of Ann C. would be a whole ‘nother undertaking, wouldn’t it?).  Several bloggers have mentioned it seems like Ms. McCain had never heard Coulter’s name until recently, while I sincerely hope that’s not the case, it sure reads that way.  Imagine how cloistered you’d have to be not to know someone so clearly and popularly identified with the party your father represents.  I have a friend back in the US who is adamantly apolitical, but if I was to mention her to him, I’m sure of his answer: “Oh, the skinny chick, only owns one dress, and it’s black.” 

Yeah. That’s her, all right.

There are two possible explanations: 1) Ms. McCain had a pre-existing idea about who Coulter is but because the latter was carrying water for John McCain, why should his daughter care? 2) Meghan McCain didn’t know who Ann Coulter is. 

If 2) turns out true, I don’t ever want to see her get any closer to elected public office than she is at this moment.  I suspect the answer’s 1), though; either way, the Repubs are a cold bunch, folks.  They eat their own and don’t care who knows it.  Their callous sense of privelige shocks and amazes me, not that it should.  The party of Hoover?  Oh, I certainly think so.  Meghan McCain, swaddled in such privelige, is only beginning to see the real world as lived by others.  I hope the experience opens her eyes.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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