US Military Members Paying For Their Own Health Care? Here’s One Answer

Look, folks, the fact that I’m an in-the-tank leftist means nothing concerning my feeling toward the military.  I served four years in the Air Force beginning when I was nineteen, and while I was nothing like career material (and never would’ve been), we’re talking about human beings here, people.  I well remember Bay Pines VA hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida after I separated; it was so bad then, I refused to go there for any reason.  Its notoriety was enough. An underappreciated film, Article 99, covers the subject well.

And now the veterans are being asked to pay? 


I’ll be quick.  They already have.  America now owes them; AIG and all the other boards of fiscal vampires should help pay for VA care, both out of their own stimulus funds and from their own bonuses.  These outrageous cretins will take every dollar on offer; now I think we should bleed them the way they’ve bled the world.  Why not?  A 100% tax on those ludicrous bonuses is a good start, but that’s all.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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