If This AIG Story Doesn’t Piss You Off, Nothing Will

First, just read this link from TPM: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2009/03/bigger_than_the_both_of_us.php

Now, consider what the Atrios source is saying: We are so utterly greedy that money is more important to us than the nation’s well-being.  “[I]nto the arms of their counterparties,” eh? and yes, with revenge on their minds, the goal of recouping what they’d see as a personal “loss on their books” and then some. 

Meaning, folks, revenge against us.  Just because we want back what they’ve stolen.  Yeah, we’re asking for the sun, the moon, and the stars above.  Well, they thrived under the neo-cons as they thrived under Clinton.  Now we’ll see what happens, but I hope this confluence of economic stories will wake people to the idea that this is what happens when you countenance unrestricted markets.  These people have insulted us for the last time.  Let’s make certain of it by supporting ironclad laws, loophole-free, that finally rein in the bastards and make possible the hope that nothing like it will ever recur. 

Oh—and Bernie Madoff should have lots of white-collar company in his new digs—all the AIG execs, all the various boards of “directors,” the lot.  All their fortunes seized, returned to the people to whom they belong.  And these companies—if they’re too big to fail, then perhaps they’re too big.  Approach them the same way you would a monopoly, and divide each into more manageable pieces. 

Greed is never good.  It’s insatiable, like any other addiction. 

Now I see there’s legislation to begin getting back some of that bonus money.  At the very least, it’s symbolic—a drop in a giant bucket, I know, but it’s something.  Counter-party this, you sons of bitches.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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