Update re: military members paying for their own health care

Looks like that idea really doesn’t, well, float.  Thankfully.  This whole thread reminds me we’re living in a historical period when events are moving at warp speed.  Ideas rise and fall; this one never deserved our time.  Third rails do exist, and here’s one.  As a matter of respect to these veterans, along with much else, we owe it to them.  They need services they can’t otherwise afford.  That’s why they’re making the choices they do.    

So, while we’re talking about vets, let’s mention the conditions in VA hospitals.  Earlier, I mentioned Bay Pines Hospital in Florida; the patients there and in facilities across the country deserve care equal to that enjoyed by the top ten percent of Americans.  They earned it, many of them in a war that should never have started in the first place.  They don’t just deserve a minimum level of care, yet for decades, that’s what they’ve gotten.

That has to end.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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