Still Callow After All These Years: Newt Gingrich’s Next Moves

That there’s anybody in America unable to see through this desperate disguise is beyond me, yet it’s true.  Read this if you dare (written by Jason Linkins, who dares and then some):

What Gingrich is “doubling down” on is the idea that the American people have already forgotten about the people with whom he’s now siding.  Let’s not forget that most “academic” Repubs like Gingrich have little emotion but disdain for the Religious Right on whom the party has depended since 1980.  Like two people trapped in a loveless marriage, they scratch and claw at each other but all the doors are locked; neither of them can get away. 

The “portfolio” referred to is as much a product of Gingrich’s own daily working style than anything else.  He has a famous habit of shooting ideas through e-mail to see whom he might hit.  Thankfully, his whacked-out ideas keep missing.  While of course he’s one of those people who should never be allowed within fifty air miles of the Oval Office, he still harbors dreams—actually, just the one dream: Day one as President-for-life.  There’s one dream I pray will never come true.

“Restoring American Leadership,” eh?  Well….where did that get us last time?

 And how about the names associated with this new club? Donald Wildmon, the infamous subject of a George Carlin riposte no less timely right now.  It’s included in What Am I Doing in New Jersey? and if you like comedy at all, you’ve already seen it.  Wildmon’s still at work, and so is Newt.  But here’s the deal: there’s reason for the two sides to trust each other.  The evangelicals, who saw Dubya as one of their own, must have had quite a shock when their man was captured on a live mic referring to a reporter as a “major-league asshole who works for the Times.”  Then to discover that Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove, is out—as an atheist?  That had to be tough to swallow.  As for Gingrich, he’s no fundamentalist.  His focus has always been on what we might loosely describe as “policy” although to me it all reeks of Fascism with a Georgia drawl.  We’ve discovered that with Dubya; who the hell wants to go through that again?

Newt, give it up.  Go back to your cracker enclave in Marietta.  Get out of DC, because the political process is done with you.  Your way’s as dead as the Confederacy (should be).  No more seat at the table for you.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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