You have to love Glenn Beck.  No, really.  His unintentional comedy is classic, isn’t it?  You have to give it up to anyone who can look into a camera, with a whole television crew watching, and say with a straight face “They surround us?  No—we surround them,” and then go on to say he has nothing to do with the new white militancy.  I say again, dear folks, this man doesn’t care fuck about thee and me; he just wants what Limbaugh has: the personal studio with gold-plated microphone, the gated palace, call girls on speed dial, God knows what he harbors in that brain but he knows as well as you do that the truly nefarious business has been going on right in front of us for eight years under the Bush/Cheney kakistocracy, but of course he doesn’t want you to remember that, because it kills his shtick.  The shtick that feeds him. 

You have to love Glenn Beck like you have to love Bernie and Jonah Goldberg, Father Coughlin, William Pierce (who wrote The Turner Diaries, Timothy McVeigh’s guidebook to slaughter), et al; and if you don’t think the living have something in common with the dead on this list, think again.  I have not a word of violence to say to any of them, only the hope that somehow they’ll understand they’re aiding madness rather than contributing to collective sanity. 

I wish Beck actually believed what he was saying. That way, it’d be easier to loathe him.  As matters stand, though, I can’t help thinking there’s just something wrong with the man.  I wish him no ill, please be certain about that.  Still, I’m with Stephen Colbert in saying I worry about the state of the man’s mind.  I’d had the same feeling about Reagan, and it turned out he really did have Alzheimer’s Disease, a horrible way to check out no matter what anyone might joke.  For all that, though, Beck is profiting from human misery as the Fox “News” crew does, as Limbaugh does, as none of us should ever do. 

They deserve our common scorn.  They deserve to lose their jobs, their access to the public airwaves because they’ve shown themselves abjectly irresponsible in those positions.  Above all, they deserve to be forgotten because with all the crises facing us these days, we can’t afford the bandwidth.  Thanks to them and their ilk, there’s a great deal we can no longer afford.  They bankrolled Bush “43,” after all, and for that alone We The People should have the right to cast these bastards out.  Some of us are already making inroads; Rush-Bo’s callers are starting to sound especially pissed-the-fuck-off these days, and to that all I can say is Thank You and Welcome To the Clambake—now, let’s get back at these people the way they fear most:

Let’s bankrupt them.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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