Hey, Rogers Cable: Where’s the TV Love For IndyCar? Or Canadian Racing? Or Racing In General?

Maybe this isn’t a bit surprising for those of us living north of the border, but once again we got screwed out of seeing IndyCar racing from Long Beach; Speed had a blackout in effect, and TSN has instead run hockey—understandable, sure, but come on, we who love motorsports ought to have our fix, too.  Actually, I thought maybe if ABC’s West Coast feed wasn’t in fact showing the ALMS race that had been on earlier in the day, then maybe….

No such luck, folks.  Not up here, anyway.

It does sadden me as well that we won’t be seeing here the new ASA series for which the Outdoor Channel (again US) has a contract.  Believe you me, we have more than enough suto racing fans up here to justify more emphasis.  There should be much more TV coverage of auto racing overall than there is, but for TV execs who simply do not get it

For those Rogers folks who need some smartening up, here are some names you should Google right now.  This minute: Junior Hanley, Don Biederman; Earl Ross; Peter Gibbons; D. J. Kennington.  Some people really need to understand that auto racing is a sport, drivers are and always have been athletes, and the true figures for attendance at auto races in North America have long been grossly under-reported.  There are roughly 900-1000 tracks in the U.S. alone, and if you check out http://www.chasinracin.com and click on the Canadian flag, you’ll discover how much motorsport (and how much racing history) is right here in Toronto.  That means something.

Oh, and BTW: next year, Toronto gets its IndyCar race back; will you also black that out?  I only ask because if not I’ll be PVR’ing that one.  I’ll plan to be baking in a grandstand somewhere during the race weekend, hoping to see it all again later and revel in the joys of living here, this wonderful city.   

Robin Miller, who I much respect, has often written about the Toronto races and when he says this is a race worth having, believe him.  I just want Rogers to “step up,” as they all too often say down south, and help out by at least showing a delayed broadcast.  And why on earth did you not show Long Beach today?  This I don’t get.

(Note: Rogers does offer a quite fine weekly show from Barrie Speedway; so why aren’t there more?  Economics alone is no defense; I’ve seen a number of TV programs like Barrie’s, and they’re good; some of these are two- or three-camera operations that, granted, may not look like Fox, but then they benefit from not having Digger, either.)


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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