No Surprise Here: Sean Hannity’s A Coward

Hannity’s exchange with Charles Grodin on FNC the other night demonstrated what should surprise no one.  First, here it is:

Now, listen to Hannity’s voice quiver when he says, “I talked to….Oliver North about it.”  It’s almost as though Hannity’s betraying a man-crush, but we both know that’s not it.  We know what Hannity’s trying to keep hidden, that he knows damned well that waterboarding is torture, nothing less. 

And if Keith Olbermann has his way (I hope so, too), maybe we’ll be able to watch him discover that fact for himself.  KO says tonight that Hannity’s clammed up about the whole thing, so perhaps he’ll say he can’t do it because, oh, he’s got a head cold or something.

Which wouldn’t be surprising, either.  Not a damn bit.

Meanwhile, we learn today that Cheney kept a file called “Detainees” in his office, presumably in that now well-known “man-sized safe.”  He, too, is a coward.  He deserves the legal chase that will, let’s hope, occupy the rest of his days.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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