And the Right thought the Left was out of control during the Bush/Cheney kakistocracy?

Try this on first, if you dare: Holy crap! 

Back when I was teaching at BGSU, I’d find ways in class to bring up the word kakistocracy, which is defined as “a government run by the worst people in the country.”  The use seemed apt, but not to most of those students, who’d stare back as though I was speaking conversational Etruscan.  So I took it a step further: Those men, Bush and Cheney, were no more President and Vice President than they were able to metamorphose into butterflies. 

Now that got their attention.  “How dare you say that?”

Simple.  The man lost the vote.

“Sore loser.”   

And so, you see, these were the people who believed Fox News and swallowed that whole exercise in which Bush landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier and delivered that now-infamous speech before the banner that read, of course, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Since we left Bowling Green, I’ve often wondered whether any of those people’s thinking has evolved at all from those days, whether they see now that the world was never as they’d understood it.  I’ll never know, obviously, but my hope’s that one or two perhaps got it, and in the process went on to use that new understanding in some positive capacity. 

Yeah. Right.  But one or two would be wonderful. 

Now we have Erik Erickson and this comment about Justice Souter.  If anyone would’ve dared write something comparatively derisive about, say, Dubya (which coinage by Molly Ivins, I believe, fits the man and his character without unduly denigrating him), during the kakistocracy, would’ve been met with instant and righteous scorn by Repubs who apparently still think we’re playing football from they ways in which they approach politics.

Which is no game.  The hard Right doesn’t seem to understand this, as they don’t apprehend that Stephen Colbert is playing irony.  How, BTW, is that even possible after a viewing or two?

If they’re going to engage in this way, so can the Left, if it chooses.  And the Left doesn’t have to make excuses for language ever again.  In the end, maybe all this is a good thing because liberals in America have long shied away from the bare-handed fight with the Right that’s been so long in coming.  Maybe the Bush/Cheney trials, truth commission, whichever, will draw out this infection. 

We can hope, but let’s also be realistic about our chances.  Momentum has all the reason it needs; now we’ll see about justice.

On a related point: as for the Kevin Smith film Red State that’s scheduled to come out next year: We’ve lived there.  Believe you me.  I hope we never have to live in any such place ever again.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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