Pat Buchanan Is A Nazi Sympathizer; Now We Can All Say It

Buchanan’s at it again, folks.  Menachem Rosensaft’s piece at Huffpo ties it all up quite nicely, but for my part I want to underline Rosensaft’s point re: how long this has been going on.  Believe you me, I’ve noticed it too, and been appalled.  Buchanan quite simply should not have a job at MSNBC unless the idea is that his particularly Nazified version of conservatism somehow balances the liberal perception.  As we all know, he’d have a gig at FNC tomorrow if he lost his current one today.  Their lineup’s a rogues’ gallery anyway….

During the ’08 election coverage, Keith Olbermann would occasionally look over at Buchanan as though the latter was literally sporting, Goebbels-style, a swastika armband over his coat sleeve.  I was expecting, well, not just fireworks, but one of those nail-your-face-to-the-floor soliloquys he’s known for.  Buchanan deserved it all the way but Olbermann never pulled the trigger on his own, a business colleague.  Yeah, I’d hoped for more, too.

Rosensaft’s keeping a light on this ongoing travesty, looks like.


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