Rush Limbaugh Has A Large Glass Jaw! (To Say Nothing Of Glenn Beck!)

HuffPo has already covered it, but hey, folks, it bears repeating as often as possible: Rush Limbaugh can’t take what he gives.  In a fight, a real, honest, straight-up fight, by which I mean two enter but only one walks away, Rush would be the one on his knees, begging for….

Um—on second thought, let’s just move on.

He’s not alone, of course.  There’s also Glenn Beck on The View; this is what happens when such people get into actual, live conversations. 

What does this mean?  I think there’s a “neo-Oz” moment at work; the demons of our last several decades, truly beginning with Nixon, turn out to be glass-jawed as well as ridiculously idiotic.  OK—now we know.  We don’t have to actually hit them, of course; all we have to do is tell the truth.

Olbermann calls Rush’s comments “surrender”; Rush can’t afford to surrender, and neither can Beck.  Ratings would suffer, and therefore likewise, well, their bank accounts.  I don’t think this means the end of the Right as we’ve so long known it; it might mean, though, that we’ve finally struck them where it hurts.


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One Response to Rush Limbaugh Has A Large Glass Jaw! (To Say Nothing Of Glenn Beck!)

  1. kcebnelg says:

    UH here’s what I say about Beck on the view:

    Uh, sorry you lose. The liars are Goldberg and Walters. TRY READING THE TRANSCRIPT AND REVIEWING THE TAPE. Beck never said ANYTHING about WALTERS COMING OVER TO HIM.

    The TIVO doesn’t lie. Only Walters and Whoopi do. Fact check? Maybe Walters ought to do some freaking fact checking.

    You can start at the transcript if you’d like:

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