Jasper van’t Hof’s More Current Work, For Those Who Might Be Interested (And You All Should Be)

Here’s a YouTube video of bree.ze, van’t Hof’s recent project and something that sounds (as ever) top-shelf.  Do please check this out, and if you’re ever in Europe you must, absolutely must see van’t Hof perform.  I did, in an aforementioned duet setting with Charlie Mariano, and I regard it as one of the most memorable things that have ever happened to me.  No.  Really.  I mean, I saw them at this small London club, and afterwards I went for a piss and there was Jasper at the urinal.  To be honest, I felt unworthy as much as inebriated.  But I managed to ask him how he liked his piano for the evening.  “It’s OK,” he said.  “I once played this club, the managed said Bach once played the house piano.  I believed him; it played like nobody’d touched it since Bach played it, either.  This one,” he said with an undertone of mischief, “you can play with a little power.”   When he said power, he meant it.  That’s not what you’ll hear in the above video; for that, let me recommend Solo Piano and just say that if you’re a fan of jazz piano, this is a high-water mark.  I’ve never heard/seen better.  Period. 

Unfortunately Solo Piano‘s now been discontinued, so check for it on eBay and thank your recommender later.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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