Oh, I’m happy today.  The CP 24 B-roll showing workers just beginning the cleanup was heartening; now, bear in mind the workers’ job now is nothing short of awful—imagine for a second the maggots, rats, and raccoons they must now deal with, to say nothing of the smell, that mind-numbing smell….oh, wait: if you live near any of the “temporary dump sites,” you already know.  Never mind.

Still, the whole experience has created acrimony that will take a lot longer than the strike’s detritus to dissipate.  While we shouldn’t expect to see any hand-holding, we-are-the-world moments any time soon from any of the parties involved, each must now recognize that success in negotiation is measured in time—how long does it take to resolve outstanding issues and get workers back on the job? 

For that, though, I’m in awe of every Torontonian who took the responsibility of cleaning up around their places of business, etc., and at the very least did their damnedest not to further contribute to the problem.  Say what you will about this city, there’s great decency here and we shouldn’t forget that, lifelong residents and newbies alike.  The rest of Canada might now have one more reason to knock Toronto (“The Big Reek,” etc.), but I won’t.  Of course this city faces immense problems, and God alone knows what will happen in the future, but Torontonians have a reason for cheer: good still abounds.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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