Pat Buchanan, Holocaust Denier, It’s Time For You To Go (an open letter)

Pat, Aaron Keyak got it precisely right in his HuffPo piece.  I also find it hard to understand why the hell you have a job at MSNBC when the fact is you’re an obvious, lifelong Holocaust denier, a supporter of Adolf Hitler, and you have no right to the public airwaves.  I mean, it was bad enough that you, along with Wm. Safire, actually wrote for Spiro Agnew, that corrupt felon; that by itself should have disqualified you for any future role in the emergent pundit-class, but you hung on, with a determination that reminds me of Nixon’s.  Now you’re inescapable, like a bad joke.  And the worst part?  No one (with the exception of Rachel Maddow) has the courage to call you what you are.

I’ll use the words other people resist: You’re a Nazi sympathizer, Pat.  You’re a stone-cold racist and anti-Semite straight out of the Nixon school.  In fact, I can easily imagine you sitting in the Oval Office while Nixon went through one of his rhetorical fits against—God alone knows whom.  You were a party to the high crimes he committed.  That alone should be enough….

But apparently it isn’t.  As of today, you still have your job, your position in the punditocracy.  You should be stripped of that authority.  As a matter of fact, for years now, every time I hear you answer a question with the words “in my judgment” I cringe.  Your “judgment” is poisoned and corrupt.  It’s meaningless. 

Pat, we know you for who and what you are.  Now, every word you speak only confirms what we’re come to understand, that you’re a Fascist shill who has no business continuing to occupy airtime and bandwidth. 

So, Brownshirt Pat—quit now.  Retire, move to Florida or Paraguay, whatever suits you.  But, you Nazi son of a bitch, you’re finished as a pundit, and that’s a fact.  Every further day you remain is a type of perverse grace.  I don’t laugh at you.  I loathe you as I loathe the memory of Hitler, against whose army my father fought.  BTW, he also helped liberate one of the smaller death camps; that scene scarred him for the rest of his life.

Deny that, cocksucker.


Update: MSNBC has a hell of a lot to answer for on this one, gang.  Look—certain things are matters of history, such as: Hitler started the Second World War.  The Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe didn’t exist for window-dressing.  If Hitler was not intent on conquest, why did he annex the Sudetenland, etc.?  MSNBC’s giving Buchanan’s lies their corporate imprint is the same as defending them as reported fact.  “[A] lot to answer for,” indeed.  I find this new development sickening, to be honest.  MSNBC—a “liberal” news network?  Really?  With Java Joe and Brownshirt Pat?  That’s a scream.

Further Update: Well, that piece didn’t stay up long, did it?  Jason Linkins checked it out so we didn’t have to.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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