Before the Toronto Air Show, Some “Thrills” For The Rest Of Us, Like It Or Not

Yesterday and today, I’ve been treated to the Blue Angels’ arrival and practice runs.  Now, I live in a high-rise, y’see, and for some reason the Angels are using this building as a reference point.  Yesterday, they did a simulated bombing run over our building, and today (photos below), well, you’ll see:

AIR SHOW 09 -- A little TOO close

AIR SHOW 09 -- A little TOO close, 2

I didn’t even have to zoom terribly much to get these, so that’ll tell you something about how close they’re actually coming.  I’m no fan of air shows overhead any city of any size at all.  One problem, no matter how small, and who knows how many victims there’d be? Want to read a bit more on the subject? Here’s the Wikipedia entry for “air show disasters”; afterwards, dear Torontonians, would you still feel so comfortable with those jets careening past?  Now, I do not want to sound like Cassandra, but let’s think wisely and carefully about what we allow to happen in our local sky as well.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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