’09 Toronto Air Show: The Angels Keep It Close, Don’t They? Too Close To Toronto Buildings

Photos below and forthcoming.  I have a lot of respect for the Angels’ abilities as pilots and all, but I do not need to see jet aircraft that close to where I live.  I’m also an auto-racing fan, BTW; when I attend a race, I understand why the ticket stub usually says something like Attend At Your Own Risk.  Things happen.  People get hurt.  Sometimes, sadly, people get killed—not just on the track but in the grandstands as well.  Inasmuch as I could never want that to happen, to be sure I’ve seen fatal accidents and regret that any such thing happened at all.

Air shows like this one are different.  I’m not at the CNE by choice, but suddenly I feel the air show has come to me whether I wanted it to or not.  The fact is, tho I’m a racing fan, the horsepower represented by the Blue Angels is something I prefer to experience from a distance.  Yeah, sure, I know: Well, why don’t you just leave and come back after it’s over for the day? True, I could; but why should I have to? Besides, to reiterate—one wrong move (one) and we’re looking at unmitigated disaster.  Avoidable disaster. 

Here’s another thing: the Snowbirds have only passed by here once, on their initial approach.  The Angels may well need that much more airspace, sure, but at the same time we’re talking about jets flying this close together just above our heads.  Or, for high-rise dwellers, eye-level:


In the above shot, the jets would be just about over Dundas in the Junction, for anyone who might’ve been there today.

There’s no zoom on that shot, only a little on the next:

'09 T.O. Air Show Sunday #2

This and the “bombing runs” were probably the scariest-looking maneuvers but at the same time, that wingtip-to-wingtip stuff


was the truly scary part considering how many unwilling participants were involved.

My conclusion: all I’m asking is that organizers understand the potential risks of routing these aircraft over heavily-populated areas (and using at least one high-rise as a marker—I mean, look, in some ways it makes me feel proud for everybody here, to be singled out for such attention, but I’d have been happier if they said they liked us with flowers instead).  

Simply said, let’s not take undue chances.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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