It Isn’t Just Stupidity; It’s All-American Racism

The hard-workin’ folks over at Think Progress have a couple of pieces up today that you really, but really should see.  Here’s a completely transparent version, and this will freeze your blood.  It surely did mine.

As to the first piece, immediately we know several things about the interviewee:

1) His level of education is such that we can be safe in imagining that if did in fact make it all the way through high school, his teachers were only too glad to see him go;

2) his worldview is entirely shaped by Fox “News” and Glenn Beck, meaning that fear and dull gullibility can strip a human being of anything resembling individuality, and for that reason he has my real pity;

3) while he clearly possesses a sense of imagery, it’s been so conclusively warped that, well, you see the result.  Obama holding a white baby.  When you think about it, the poster says much more about the artist than the President, eh?

What disturbs me more, however, is that list of co-sponsoring groups for the rally. Take note of those names; I’ve a funny feeling we’ll be reading and hearing about some of them again. To even invoke Ruby Ridge and Waco in such a context is frightening like little else. To tell the truth, I fear those people much more than al-Qaeda; they’re all terrorists. Period.

Now to the second piece. Wow, eh? Some pictures—right down to the Confederate flag on prominent display. Several years ago, I was leaving a NASCAR race in Michigan and saw one absolutely hammered young white guy carrying from the infield a giant Stars-and-Bars; I couldn’t help myself, and called out, “Yeah, keep going with that thing, idiot.”  Bad timing, I know. A fellow redneck standing just in front of me turned around and gave me one of those “I like it, and I’m armed” definitive glances that told me everything I needed to know. I wasn’t welcome. Certainly, my ideas weren’t. But that’s NASCAR.

And, folks, that’s at least half of America in this dangerous time.

Also, how about Sen. DeMint’s ability to straight-up lie, huh? I’m impressed. BTW, it’s interesting how many on the hard/batshit crazy Right are also fiction writers (Liddy among several others), whereas on the Left there tend to be more poets (Eugene McCarthy’s not the only one). But I digress….

Some of these signs and sentiments get right down to it: “Ayn Rand was right.” I doubt that individual ever actually read Atlas Shrugged, a truly vile, contemptible book written by someone I wouldn’t have crossed the room to meet, or if I’m wrong then that person’s discernment leaves a great deal to be desired.

But then there’s Mark McKinnon, one of the few sane Repubs left. The “freaks” are indeed “filling the void.” They’re the people pulling America into a deep crevasse.  Keep McKinnon’s words in mind as you watch the unfolding Grand Guignol. If the scene doesn’t break your heart, then you really don’t love America, just as these deeply troubled, cruelly-undereducated teabaggers, birthers, deathers, tenthers, 9/12’ers, et al, do not know how to love their country, and who do not realize who’s actually moving them around, little pawns on a gigantic board.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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