When Tea Partiers and Neo-Nazis Mate

When they do, this happens. Honestly, from their signage I can hardly tell the difference anyway. Folks, don’t be surprised; both are Rightist beliefs that share a great deal in common. My father would’ve hated Obama; I can only imagine the words he’d have used to describe him. And I imagine he’d have felt some affinity with the Tea Party people who, active in Florida (where he and my mother lived), might’ve gotten his personal interest.

But then he’d have seen the above footage, because by God I would’ve made certain he saw it. He fought in Europe in the Second War, north through Italy and then through Europe until the Russian Army blew past everybody on their way to pillage and terror in Berlin. My father helped liberate one of the smaller death camps; in true WWII-vet fashion, he never even named the camp for me no matter how often I asked him. He died with that name still a secret, but he left no doubt in my mind of the utter horror he witnessed.

My father despised the Nazi Party and everything for which it stood. Unlike some racists, which he was, he was not anti-Semite. As a matter of fact, my parents saw to it I lived in an environment that honored Jewish as well as Christian traditions. It was one of the best decisions they ever made regarding my upbringing.

If my father had seen that neo-Nazi coward, that idiot, that traitor, he’d have attacked him with whatever sign he was carrying—and would not have stopped until he drew blood or until the Nazifuck goddamn well fled the scene, the city, the state….and I would have been proud of my father for doing it.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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