Maurice Clemmons and Mike Huckabee: History Has Sewn Them Together

A piece on HuffPo today pretty much says it all. If you’ll remember Mike Dukakis’s 1988 campaign, G. H. W. Bush (and his media man, Roger Ailes—we mustn’t forget him) turned Willie Horton into a political weapon and turned it on the hapless Dukakis. Also the rest of us. Not to say Dukakis didn’t have it coming, because Horton surely did not deserve his freedom and the decision to release him was stupidity and bureaucracy at work. But now, with the death of Maurice Clemmons, we have to ask whether the fifth victim was Mike Huckabee’s political career. Personally, since I never trusted Huckabee, loathe his politics and actively fear his religious views—bear in mind, folks, he doesn’t believe in evolution, and there’s a good chance he shares with Sarah Palin (shudder) the belief that all Jews must be wiped out before Jesus can return; that by itself makes him someone to fear—the idea that maybe now his hopes are gone would be Pyrrhic relief, coming at the cost of four cops’ lives. I wish it hadn’t happened, as you do. But it has, and now we have to deal with the consequences, political and moral.

Please understand I take no joy in saying any of this. Republicans didn’t much seem to care that Horton committed rape and assault, or, rather, that it wounded Dukakis was far more important to their minds. I do not want to repeat their error. Instead, let’s simply remember that Huckabee’s choice was indicative of his governing style; in the HuffPo piece we see that Huckabee had a soft spot for people with redemption stories, particular born-again Christian stories. Therefore, Huckabee can be molded like clay. By contrast, when it came to executions, or dealt with offenders, Dubya would not be moved. They were gonna pay, and it didn’t even matter in the case of Karla Faye Tucker, who of course Dubya put to death despite the pleas and objections of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Huckabee’s the polar opposite; look at his record in the HuffPo piece, and you’ll see his commutations were double that of Clinton, White and (Jim Guy) Tucker together. Look: God knows I do not want another Dubya holding any state office (or occupying the Oval Office) ever again. At the same time, it’s easy to see what kind of president Mike Huckabee would make; whoever’s last into his office before he makes his decision, that person gets their way. Nicholas II of Russia ruled precisely the same way, weakly, and we know what happened to him.

I’m saying Huckabee should never be President. Absolutely never. Neither, in fact, should any millenialist (I mean, come on….it’s like having a coach who actively wants to lose). It’s patently insane from the people’s point of view, especially when some of “the people” are Jews, for example. Never let the enemy into the house. Not that house, anyway.

The tragedy is that four cops died to expose this flaw in Huckabee’s approach to governance. We all should have known at that moment in the Republican debate when he rose his hand to say he doesn’t believe in evolution. His political career should have died on that stage, that night. The problem: it didn’t.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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