Danica Patrick Will Go Stock-Car Racing in 2010

Here’s a WhoWon piece on the subject. We’ll see what happens, but the fact is there’ll be no excuses: a JRM ride with GoDaddy money means Danica will have to perform. Along the way, she has a chance to make some history; personally, I’d love to see that particular glass ceiling shatter, and if she’s the one to do it, that’s fine although I’d have preferred Sarah Fisher, a better driver by far but with precious little sponsorship. All right, let’s just say it and get it out of the way already: Danica has traded on her youthful beauty, in part, to acquire those sponsorship dollars. She isn’t half the driver Fisher is, IMHO, and the fact that to this point she only owns one win, at Motegi, in the very best equipment, speaks volumes. If Sarah Fisher had had that ride in 2009, she would have won. Also IMHO.

But more to the point: Patrick is going ARCA, which means Speed will draw huge numbers to their TV’s, the front gate ought to be likewise enormous, but the pressure will be on Danica to pull a Kyle Petty and win her first stock-car race. The upcoming practice sessions ought to be interesting as well. More on this as it develops.


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