Removing Sarah Palin’s Mask

Can anyone in American politics be both as craven yet completely clueless as Sarah Palin? I used to thnk Dubya was the nadir, but clearly that isn’t so. Her Tea Party speech in Nashville (for which she actually cribbed notes on her left palm; has no one told her about just taking straight-up notes?) should be a reminder to us all that she represents the worst-case scenario: an uncontrollably ambitious idiot. That makes her easy for a Rove, say, to control. All she wants is the prestige. For her, the Presidency is another sash, another crown for her to wear. The Queen of America, with the slithery Todd beside her—no more intelligent but absolutely as driven by power and the desire for petty revenge, we now know that in Alaska he acted as though he, not his wife, had been elected to office.

There, folks, is your Perfect Political Storm. Former Big Man of Wasilla meets and marries the beauty-contest loser, so by God they’re gonna get revenge on the people they think wronged them because surely, surely, they should’ve been successful at everything they’ve tried.  That’s quite the list they’ve compiled in these intervening years.  I honestly think Sarah Palin never quite got over losing that beauty contest. It’s possible to want something more than you should; she’s obviously never learned that lesson. And Todd, well, he’s a snowmobile racer; you can see in his eyes that losing is not something he tolerates at all, ever. Yeah, I know. It’s just snowmobile racing. But he’s just like that—if you walked down a hallway faster than him, he’d remember it. And you. I’ve known lots of auto racers in my life, and they have the same issue. Now, most of them are quite nice people, but for a number of reasons I wouldn’t necessarily vote for one. Besides, just consider Bill Posey (R-FL), former competitor at New Smyrna Speedway, BTW, a man so backward of thought he couldn’t let go of the birther issue; he oozes that slimy racism of some Floridians, it comes through their pores in perspiration—and such bigots should never be able to hold public office, though as we all know many them do.

Sarah never removes her mask in public, but she doesn’t have to. We can already see beneath it, her hideous true face no surprise to anyone who’s been watching at all closely. We need to talk about her as she really is, behind that impossible mask. Maybe the Teabaggers don’t get that, but the rest of us sure as hell do.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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