Sarah Palin at Daytona: The Rogue Queen Trolls for Votes

Give the Rogue Queen, Sarah Palin, credit for knowing her potential constituency. Yesterday she appeared at Daytona International Speedway and later spoke sans media (I guess she doesn’t even trust the “media filter” around Daytona, Florida; now that’s some serious paranoia, y’all), which is pretty amazing because one member of the media, 1989 Daytona 500 winner Darrell Waltrip (who now, unsurprisingly, works for Fox Sports), publicly described himself as “thrilled” over just having met her. I wonder whether he understands how completely vacuous the Rogue Queen really is—every time she opens her mouth is one more reminder that the woman is simply stupid. At this point, it’s too late to actually educate her; all a future political handler would be able to do is what Rove did with Dubya—shovel the talking points. Dubya could memorize; he has an impressive ability there, especially concerning baseball, so essentially it wasn’t as difficult for him as it clearly is with Sarah, who can’t even remember broad, elemental concepts without resorting to handwritten nots on her palm, as though she was a student. Is that how she got through college—by cheating?

No, I wouldn’t be surprised, either.

She does, however, understand there are many disaffected people on the American right who aren’t any smarter than she is, many of whom live with a thinly-disguised (if at all) racism manifested in an out-of-control hatred of Barack Obama and while they may or may not miss Dubya, they believe they have lost power.

What they don’t know is that they never had power. Not under the Bushes, anyway, who more or less successfully lied to them all the way, twelve years’ worth of lies.

And now Sarah. She spent her Sunday among largely like-minded (sic) people, was well-received, then moved on. I wonder how much NASCAR paid her, or the local chamber where she spoke later. All this because she’s trolling for votes in 2012. Bear in mind, she does not care about the Republican machine; in fact, she’s running her show on her own, with Todd, which has led at least one Republican operative to say that’s good news for the Repubs. I wonder if the Rogue Queen might pull a Ross Perot and run, independent both of the Repub. Party and the Teabaggers.

That sounds like a winning strategy. For Barack Obama, that is.

BTW, what in the name of fuck is “an all-Americana event,” anyway? Not that we need yet one more example of how completely, brutally fucking stupid this woman is, without even the command of language to correctly identify an all-American event as such, but here we are again. She just cannot help herself. My honest hope is that she goes ahead and runs in 2012, all else be damned; the wedge she’d drive in the heart of the rightist beast would be a beautiful thing.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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