Quick Update re: Keith Olbermann’s Dad, Also re: Dick Cheney’s Heart Attack

Keith Olbermann mentioned on his show the other night that his dad remains in intensive care. I’d wondered, too. Unfortunate news to be sure. Not that the son would care, but the Grapefruit League will be playing this season without him in the stands, getting his annual tan. He doesn’t care because family comes first. Theirs is a touching and sweet relationship, and I just wanted to ask those of you who read this to keep a good thought, say a prayer, for them both.

BTW, you’ve no doubt heard Cheney’s out of the hospital following what’s being described as a “mild” heart attack. If you’ve ever had a “mild” heart attack, there’s one thing you know with absolute, John McLaughlin-esque metaphysical certitude: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MILD HEART ATTACK. They feel like your chest is being torn open. Now, Cheney and I agree on little, but that has nothing to do with a person’s health and the well-being of the surrounding family. Politics may not end at five p.m. anymore if it ever did (that was when the real work began to get done, back in those halcyon days when work got done in Washington), but not even I’d let my contempt for what the man’s done get in the way of certain ethical absolutes. Don’t cheer your enemy’s ill health; one day that could be you, and you might find yourself hoping for at least personal mercy if not forgiveness. I do not cheer his coronary trouble, and hope you won’t either. It’s beneath us all. I like how Olbermann handles such things on his show; he employs grace, something long absent from the media debate at least (Ted Kennedy may not quite have taken that with him when he left the Senate and us, but between him, Byrd, and damn few others, there you have the last practitioners of that necessary skill).

So here’s to better health, folks. We could all use it.

(Note: in the above instance I meant John McLaughlin the right-wing pundit and talk-show host, not the brilliant guitarist, of whose brilliance I’m metaphysically certain.)


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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