Re: The Cheneys—Again, the Republican Right is Eating Its Own, In Public

With Liz Cheney’s eruptions across several media platforms this week, we now see that even longtime Republicans, quite conservative in their own right, have finally come out against the culture of fear. The Cheneys in particular, father and daughter at least, are personally guilty of terrible crimes against the United States. Now, if you were in their shoes you’d be fighting back as hard as you possibly could, right? (God help you, by the by) And so are they. So do common criminals when cornered by the cops.

It goes without saying that these are contemptible people, but fuck it, let’s say so anyway. Dick Cheney played the fear card as though that was all there was in the world, and he damn near made that idea come true. True, the world has changed since 9/11, but then again it’s pretty clear Cheney himself has done as much to remake the world as Osama bin Laden, maybe more.  And in her perverse way, you can almost see Liz’s motivations, yes? This is her father, after all, and even Luke Skywalker came eventually to understand how like his father he was….

But finally, if you’re going to toe the hardline these Republicans have talked about so often, then mustn’t you call out Dick Cheney as what the old Soviets used to call a “wrecker” at the very least? And Liz as a conspirator after the fact? Personally, I’d call Cheney a straight-up traitor, and have before, not that it matters. I did it in my classes at BGSU and a student there (not one of mine) later assured me I was, in his words, “a fuckin’ dead man,” so at least, folks, I tried. (I beg the pardon of those of you who’ve heard this story before) Now I’m content to do the same, only from Canada because the U.S. is no longer safe for leftists. I doubt I can ever live there again; I spend absolutely as little time there as humanly possible despite the fact that I dearly love certain people there. All because of the fear and loathing Cheney helped beget, which exists today and doubtlessly will for generations to come.

The Cheneys have a great deal to answer for. Sure, they’re fighting for their freedom in a very literal sense. This fight they must lose, for the good of the nation and the future security of the world. The stakes are no less serious or true.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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