Re: The Kill-Obama Posters at Tea-Party Rallies—The Right Is Urging Sedition, And Must Be Stopped (W/a Note About Demon Possession)

Today’s examples from HuffPo coulodn’t possibly be more obvious. These people don’t just want to kill the health-care bill (to be honest, the great majority couldn’t tell you what was in it if you shot them up with sodium pentathol); they actually want to hunt down and kill Obama with the high-powered weaponry Wayne LaPierre has assured them Obama will take away soon. Now, I don’t much care for “a picture’s worth a thousand words” as an axiom; it could be worth much more, written by better than myself, but as I look at photo #1 in the embedded gallery, I wonder what would’ve happened during the recent kakistocracy if someone had produced one of those anywhere, at any time, in public. I’d have disowned it myself, BTW, because my hope for said kakistocracy remains life in jail, not victimhood, but we all know where that fictive person would’ve wound up—under a jail somewhere in desperate need of medical attention to go with the psychological care necessary on the grounds of having done such a stupid fucking thing in the first place.

The Tea-Party crowd, which now includes the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas (can we say conflict here?), is now openly calling for Obama to be killed. The images cannot be more obvious. Likewise the people carrying guns outside Obama rallies, etc., etc., etc. If—God forbid—that fate was to befall Obama, it won’t be like the Kennedy assassination because here we’ll know the enablers’ names, at the very least.

Now, add that to this: TX Republican Louis Gohmert says there’s a demon invasion going on in Washington. Yes. De-mon po-session. He said it. And now you see why the curricula in Texas is for shit. If anyone’s possessed, it’s the hard Right. Gohmert would be a joke but for the fact that he’s a state legislator with all the power therein.

So let’s add together the lessons here:

1) Tea-Party audiences are being told, among other ridiculous canards, that Washington is possessed by demons. What do you do when faced with a demon, according to such knuckle-draggers as Gohmert? You exorcise it, you destroy it.

2) Tea-Partiers are learning through signage that they can get away with anything, including advocating the murder of the President. Sorry, folks, but that’s going too far.

When I was a teacher, I refused to agree with students who did occasionally say “off with their heads”; at Bowling Green State University that didn’t happen often but it was known to. I’d be quick to say this: “You don’t want that, because then they become martyrs, which would still be good for the other side. Better to have them alive and in jail for the rest of their lives.” I cannot, will not advocate for anyone’s death. Therefore, to see the nakedness of these people’s hatred is truly disturbing, and it ought to scare the living shit out of you, too.

These people are not joking. They’re also undereducated, unprincipled, they react from fear and hatred learned from trusting the wrong people (Fox “News”), but by God they’re armed with heavy weaponry along with the Bibles they barely comprehend. They’re Americans from the heartland, the place from which Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch draw their audience, these people so terrified of Obama, the first black president; the corporate directors on the Right know precisely how to manipulate these people, knowing their audience won’t question what they see and hear (being educationally unprepared/unready to take on such a task as questioning what they consume).

These calls to overt violence are sickening and have to stop. The only way for that to happen is for Americans to understand what’s happening to them, that the Right in general is a lie factory and as such doesn’t just have to be called out, but stopped, its leaders shamed off the stage and its followers brought up to date. People deserve health care. Anyone who says otherwise has their own interests at heart, not yours. And Barack Obama is much more of an ideological centrist than the Right credits him; when he’s disappointed me it’s been because he’s leaned (much) too far to the Right for my tastes, a bit like Clinton actually though anyone is better than McCain/Palin. 

Fear Barack Obama? Why? The Tea-Partiers had better fear each other instead; bear in mind they probably haven’t read Lord of the Flies either.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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One Response to Re: The Kill-Obama Posters at Tea-Party Rallies—The Right Is Urging Sedition, And Must Be Stopped (W/a Note About Demon Possession)

  1. chelseask says:

    A few of my favorite definitions of “Tea Party” compliments of Urban Dictionary:

    1. A disillusioned group of U.S. citizens that blindly oppose whatever legislative and/or government policy they perceive as being leftist, but said legislation/policy is actually in their own best interest.

    2. Unknowing puppets of capitalist corporations and their congressional silent partners used to derail any progressive movement in the US government and/or society.

    3. A group of conservatives who attend a rally to teabag each other. The conservatives are usually old, fat white guys who are closet homosexuals. They often carry signs at the rallies about things that they don’t understand like socialism, taxation, and healthcare.

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