Ann Coulter Booed Off Ottawa Campus; A Victory for the Truth and Right

So Ann Coulter is a piece of shit, the whitest example of white privilege we have in US media today. That’s not news, and hasn’t been news for a long time. But this is—Coulter cancelled a gig at the University of Ottawa because hundreds of students who already knew her brief turned on her with the intensity and clarity that should’ve happened night after night in the States. She wants to bitch about free speech? What—now? After all she’s said? That, friends, is a joke.

Coulter doesn’t deserve pity. She deserves our scorn and ridicule. As an attack dog for the late kakistocracy, she deserves to be mocked every day for the remainder of her life, until finally she retires to some mansion in the Berkshires so she can sip white wine and bitch about the way the country’s going—to herself and her few remaining friends, because of course Americans have no reason ever to believe a word she says or writes.

It’s perfectly all right for students to boo her offstage. It was right when a group of us tried the same thing with David Horowitz, another right-wing piece of crap, at Bowling Green State University some years ago; he continued but there was no doubt he knew he was not speaking to his friends to whom he could lie at will. Every time he told a lie, we called it the patent bullshit it was. It froze him several times, so that supporters and opponents alike could study the flaws in his thinking.

Now, there was no intent of violence in any of this, either in the BGSU example or from the U. of Ottawa. Unlike the Tea Party “events” at which people openly carry guns, all the students had was the power of the truth. Coulter cannot defeat the truth, and neither can Horowitz. They both belong to history, or should in the wake of Obama’s election.

Congratulations to the students at Ottawa. I respect you.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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