Treme: A Show You Should Watch

“Most men lead lives of quiet masturbation—” from Treme

BTW, you have to watch this amazing series, I’m not joking; the music alone, from Dr. John among many others, and the YouTube videos sent by John Goodman’s character, ought to hook you—there’s a terrible and sad beauty to this series, and bear in mind, folks, that New Orleans remains un-rebuilt; maybe the current oil spill (and thank you Halliburton for that, you utter motherfuckers) will rebuild a consensus to finally erect Dutch-style barriers, rebuild the 9th Ward, etc. (and why in fuck’s name is this of all things a no-brainer?), and in general truly restore the city. Of course, I doubt it. Dubya’s godforsaken moles are everywhere in Washington politics anyway, further pissing in the toilet bowl, so from Obama down there’s blame to be apportioned. I don’t like saying that about Obama but he did say himself that he would disappoint us, so from that perspective I respect him because he’s done precisely what he said he’d do. Sometimes I agree with him; other times (such as in the case of Marc Emery, who I will shortly reference in more specific terms in this space) he makes me feel as though he’s gone to Bill Clinton’s school, the term of magical triangulating. I have news for the President: triangulation always fails because it necessarily fails someone.  Whichever constituency winds up wounded, it does not and never will forget. Therefore, make a clear decision, stay with it, and follow what you know is right as opposed to baser political instincts.

Anyway, folks, for altogether too many reasons please watch Treme; afterwards, please feel free to howl back your outrage at the elected representatives of your choice. I would ask you to be respectful, but I identify a bit with Goodman’s character here so if you know me and then watch the series, he’s one of 2 characters by which you might also know something about me. Normally, I don’t say such things but in the current instance it’s quite possible.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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