Rep. Steve King, Blatant Racist: Not Surprising, But Here He Goes Again (Also Including G. Gordon Liddy, Obvious Madman)

King’s diharrea of the vocal cords today (as opposed to every other day) is worth examining for what lies just—and I mean just—beneath the lunar landscape of his rhetoric. First, though, let’s set this ugly stage, the studio from which emanates G. Gordon Liddy’s crazython of a radio show. Let’s remember who Liddy is: the guy who, at a meeting of the group associated with what we now know as Nixon’s Plumbers, proceeded to take a flame to his own skin; when someone else said, What are you fucking doing?, he said, “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” He’s responsible for stoking hatred and suspicion, period.  He’s the sort of individual about whom you could justifiably said to a third party, “Of course you know —he’s mad.” And here comes Steve King, a bomb-thrower in his own right, actually accusing Obama of favoring blacks over whites. This, folks, is commonly known as projection. King’s an utter racist lacking even the understanding that he’s so completely exposed himself like a flasher.

Look again at his words. He returns to the in/famous “beer at the White House” with Prof. Gates and Officer Crowley as “evidence”; what evidence? Did he take offense that there was only one white man in that group? Did King somehow feel threatened by the image? It seems pretty clear to me that he still does, and that concerns me.

He includes AG Holder. Now, I have troubles with Holder myself, but they involve the marijuana cause celebre Marc Emery, entrapped by Bush’s DEA and now serving five years in Seattle, denied even internet priveliges because he dared to send out a podcast from prison (defend that one, Holder, I dare you). It has nothing to do with who Holder is. He’s obviously doing good things in the job as well, although I continue to hope he’ll one day name that special prosecutor to once and for all investigate the Kakistocracy from Hell, Bush/Cheney, Inc. I won’t hold my breath.

But I digress….King has the balls/lack of brains to say this: “It looks like Eric Holder said that white people in America are cowards when it comes to race.” That’s some astonishing use of language. Let’s take it apart a piece at a time. “It looks like—” is a cousin of the phrase “Some people say,” euphemism for “I’ve heard my close friends say,” or, more to the point, “This is really just what I think but I’m going to present this as the will of at least some people; I’m sure they’re out there.” “It looks like—” is another way of saying “I don’t care whether he said this or meant anything like it, because I’m going to say he said it anyway because that’s what I think he thinks.” So, for King, since Holder seems to feel that way, King just goes ahead and slips those opinions into Holder’s mouth.

Convenient, eh? 

But then there’s the little flourish in which he compares “an Irish cop” to “a black professor.” He’s asking us to take sides as well. So, bearing in mind this black professor is Henry Louis Gates, I’m on his side, King.

Oh, by the way, Steve, what’s your take on Mark Fuhrman? Just wondering.

The real race-baiter here, of course, is King, with Liddy his wingman. In some ways, it’s a good thing when racists just stand up and identify themselves; this way, we know them for who they are. But then it becomes our responsibility to take them on at every turn by taking apart what they say and then calling them on what finally amounts to thinly-disguised hate speech. Hopefully, they’ll lose their audience and fade into the obscurity that awaits them.

Again, though, I won’t be holding my breath.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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