Haley Barbour: When Rednecks Self-Identify

Cesca’s piece pretty much lays out the case against Haley Barbour, not that we should be particularly surprised by this account. Barbour a racist? For some reason that makes sense though there honestly are many people in that part of the world who, as Bill Maher reminds us, are anything but racist idiots (Maher schedules tours through many southern US towns expressly to perform to that constituency, and that seems not only intelligent but deeply kind); I’ve no intention of describing everyone who lives there as representing or resembling Barbour, only that the latter’s an egregious example of the worst in American redneck-ness and truly has no business anywhere except, again like Abramoff, working at a pizza shop, maybe this time in Biloxi so he can really but really smell the oil for long years to come, because everybody else there will have to.

This Newsweek article Cesca references includes that creepy scene inside Barbour’s office. Yeah—lovely decor, hey? I’m with Cesca—let’s hope it turns out to be Barbour as the GOP machine candidate (a dysfunctional yet working beast) vs. Sarah Palin as the….whatever the fuck she is. So let’s just stand back and watch two of the most potentially destructive candidates on the American landscape eat each other alive. It’ll be like Godzilla and King Kong, or Mothra, or, or, or….

The important thing to remember here is that these people, the more obviously idiotic among the current political players, tend to self-identify. Rednecks do that when among their own kind, trust me.  Barbour, however, can’t content himself with that, and politicians, living under cameralight 24/7, simply can’t get away with flying the Stars and Bars anymore as George Wallace and Strom Thurmond did, as Trent Lott would love to do. So Barbour’s already toast in 2012 (let’s hope), but he could challenge Palin anyway.

You’ve got to admit, that’d be fun to watch.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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