The situation here has gone insane. Innocent people herded into the “temporary detention centre,” while Black Bloc anarchists continue their ridiculous work, tear gas, rubber bullets….has Toronto become a third-world city? Now, look: I’m no fan of the Black Bloc, to be certain; while anarchism has always been a part of the Western mind, these people remind me of the Discordians, to be honest—their only interest is the sowing of, well, discord. Meanwhile, many people continue peaceful protest against capitalism, against the goddamned plutocracy. There is nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is that the cops are taking up the innocent along with the guilty. This is an infamia.

Nothing justifies police violence. Nothing justifies what’s happened here this weekend. Did the cops let Saturday happen in order to justify an illegal crackdown today? That’s not what happens in a democratic society.

So let’s get past the Bloc and the cops. Who started all this? Harper, that’s who. He knew. He had to know. And he went through with this insanity. FOR GOD’S SAKE, CANADIANS, RECALL THIS PIECE OF SHIT. DO IT NOW.

“The whole world is watching….” So the peaceful protestors chant, and they’re quite right. The whole world is watching Toronto’s shame and degradation at the hands of Stephen Harper, the real cause of this awful situation. The Conservatives must, must be defeated. This weekend should teach every Canadian that Harper only has his own personal interests at heart.

I love Toronto. I will always love this city, even after all this is over. Nothing can change that, not Harper, not over-reacting cops, not the Black Bloc, not the panoply of day-to-day woes this city suffers. That’s why this weekend is so thoroughly heartbreaking, that it’s happening in one of the most amazing, gorgeous cities on the planet. Say a good word, if you would, for Toronto, because these are terrifying days.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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