Ten Things I’ve Noticed About The Midterms

1. Polling seems to have been a little more reliable this time around, meaning the news is not good for Democrats.

2. At least Linda McMahon lost in CT. Just imagine if you dare the alternative future of Sen. McMahon and her, whatever Vince has become after all those years on steroids.

3. And Christine O’Donnell lost in DE. I almost wish she’d won, for the sheer televisual joy of Xine’s votes and statements and escapades in Washington. But in the end reality wins and of course I’m happy for Coons, who now has one hell of a job to do. Re: Xine’s concession speech: she joked about having won, which of course media folks will add to her B-roll. Some concession speech, eh? Keith Olbermann: “She clearly doesn’t know the meaning of defeat.”

“This is the beginning—” OF WHAT?

4. Marco Rubio in FL—yeah, I know he’s a TP’er, but keep your eyes on him. He’s no fool. “I will always be the son of exiles,” he says in his victory speech. Love him or not, and in a political sense I don’t, take him seriously. He’s not finished climbing.

5. Sestak has to beat Toomey in PA, but at least Cuomo handily beat Palladino’s ass, which maybe he secretly liked. Maybe Goatfuckin’ Carl can now go back to his Internet photo collection. Know what I mean? Grab that little pecker and hold on tight, Carl; it’s a hard ride back down to anonymity. 

6. If Manchin’s a Democrat, I’m the Pope. For Lisa—

7. With this new lineup come January, Americans can expect anything but decency from the Repubs. This new crowd will come in on day one with subpoenas in hand and a game plan that sounds dreadfully like the prevent defense. They have dreams about 2012, y’all, and nothing but their political undermining and destruction will change a thing.

8. “This election is the result of a movement—” So is shit.

9. Will the New Repub Party be entertaining or what? I do think we’ll get to watch the American Right destroy itself. I’m laying in some popcorn and brandy, myself. It’s gonna be fun.

10. You have no idea how glad I am we live in Canada tonight.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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