Did You Notice The Previous Post? (Apparently lots of people want Barack Obama dead—still)

If you’ll notice the previous blog entry you’ll notice that the search phrase “kill obama now” was one of the most popular. I find that disgusting. Look: I despised Bush but if you put him in a room with me, with him tied up and me with a gun, sorry, folks—I’m not your guy. I could piss on him, sure, take a dump in his lap, for instance, but not murder. Not ever.

You see, this is how the Right thinks. Got a problem? Kill it. No more problem. But in the real world where consequences (should) play a role, we have responsibilities to each other and ourselves to argue against something so wrong as assassination. I haven’t always agreed with Obama, but I’m far, far to his political left, so no wonder. He’s a triangulator, which was my lasting problem with Clinton. Sure, in political terms you can survive like that, but what’s the bill you pay at the end?

These are not the days of the Wild goddamn West. You can’t kill somebody over a disagreement. I argued for Bush/Cheney’s impeachment/trial/conviction, not their murder, and I never would. These people who search using those words would be better off moving elsewhere—Paraguay comes to mind. After all, we moved to escape a political climate with which we disagreed, so: Hey, you on the Right—got balls? Real balls? Don’t cry murder; just move.

PS: And as I discovered this evening, when the kill-Obama-now crowd gets called out on their madness, what do they do? They resort to spamming, that’s what. Piss off, gutless fucks.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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