Short Political Subjects

Rep. Peter King says he raises “the abortion issue” with kids as young as kindergarten age. Wow. Get ‘em while they’re young, eh? That’s only indoctrination. It does work, in practice; just ask any totalitarian, and they’ll agree. King’s of course part of the TP wing of the Re/pub Party, and he acts like one.

Then we have Darrell Issa, of CA. He wants to hogtie the Obama administration with investigations out the Grand Wazoo. So let’s try to make sense of this: Mitch McConnell spent two years stonewalling absolutely everything Obama wanted, all with the stated goal that Obama should be—what?—a “one-term President.” Now we have Issa to take over that duty, not by foot-dragging but by drowning the West Wing in defense lawyers. It isn’t only a waste of time; it’s election-cycle politics-as-usual. Was this really what the Teabaggers voted for?

And how about our boy Scalia? Now he says women don’t have equal protection under the Constitution. Antonin, you’ve just disqualified yourself from the Bench. Now get packing, cocksucker.

 But there was some good news to come from the past weekend, as George Will declared Sarah Palin unelectable. Thanks for coming to the party there, George. Actually, an intelligent man like Will (and agree with him or not, he is a smart guy) could not have been happy with what he’s seen from her since 2008. Anyone who for one second thinks Palin is in any way Oval-Office material must feel that way because they want to bone her—and, sports fans, dontcha think that’s some frigid fish-smelling Alaska poon? I wouldn’t go near that with Rush Limbaugh’s dick, which I also would never go near.

And then there’s Alan Grayson. Dude, if ever you run for President, I’d vote for you just to watch the Right go fuck itself. Happy New Year, everybody.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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