An Open Letter to Sarah Palin: “Blood Libel”? You Need To Be Jailed. NOW.


If there’s anything I’m certain of, sitting in this chair, it’s that you have no business at the political table. That you could use THAT phrase proves several things: 1) You’re an intellectual non-entity (your teachers probably told you that in college but you were too stupid to take that in, weren’t you?); 2) You are cunning, but so are Alaskan wolves; 3) all you want is power, power for the fuck of it; and 4) now that you’ve FINALLY been called out for the language you so cavalierly use, you resort to the phraseology anti-Semites use, thereby cementing what we’ve all known—that you, Sarah Palin, are a cultural, political malevolence.

So what should we do with you, Sarah of the gunscope targets, Sarah of “Don’t retreat, reload” infamy, Sarah who will NEVER escape her own traps of language? Of course, I am not advocating any act of violence. All I want is for you to be jailed as the seditionista you are. That’s all. I only want justice, the kind you escaped when you were the half-term governor of Alaska (you should be in jail still for the crimes you committed there, but there you go). You talk about “taking responsibility,” but you have no idea what that means. I doubt you care, to be honest. So long as you have the camera trained on you, it doesn’t seem like anything else matters.

“No one should be deterred from speaking up,” eh? Loughner spoke with his gun. You’re not trying to defend him and his kind, are you? You did, however, enable him. You know that’s simply true. There’s nothing “mindless” about the “finger-pointing” from the left; we know precisely what we’re saying, and you do know that; you wouldn’t have released the above video had you believed anything else. You’re afraid, and you should be: you should be afraid of the perpwalk, and jail, you Axis Sally of the new sedition. I blame you, Sarah, you and Sharron Angle and the rest of the Teabaggers, for what happened to Rep. Giffords. I blame you directly, and personally. You have no right to freedom, Sarah. But jail is the worst thing I could wish for you; there’ll be no violent rhetoric from this corner, because I’ve been on the receiving end of such language myself and I know how wrong it is to wish physical harm to anyone else. It’s a lesson you clearly never learned.

Sarah, aiding and abetting sedition is a crime, and you’re guilty along with a number of others. I presume you’ll never be charged, and will walk away thinking you’re clean. But you aren’t, and never will be. Your crimes will follow you into history; we know you’re desperate to get out from under it all, though, and your use of the heinous term “blood libel” is evidence based in your own language, just like the trail of evidence you’ve left in your wake for years. You’ll probably never have to answer for your words before a judge, but the rest of us will know, and personally I have no plans of ever allowing you to forget, I’ll keep saying from this small space that you are a criminal and you deserve the same jail space the other seditionistas so abjectly deserve. That’s all I can do.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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