Why Did Trump Decide Not To Run? A Couple of Guesses

So Lawrence O’Donnell was correct and the odious D. Trump announced that he will not in fact run for the presidency. It’s a good day. Now, let’s consider the whys of this choice:

1. He can apparently read polls. We don’t like him very much, the general electorate. His negatives are hilarious.

2. He’d be forced to release his actual financial records. They’d tell us one of two things, maybe both:

A. He was involved in some very dirty deals with some deeply unsavory people; and/or

B. We could follow his financial career with all its bankruptcies, idiot decisions, etc.

3. By now, Republican higher-ups have had to be telling Trump his chances could be best described as an integer.

So it was all for nothing, just as Trump is nothing but a human spreadsheet with half the information wrong. Now, maybe, we’ll see what happens with the Repub field. It seems as though Sarah Palin might now jump in after all, insuring the debates will be lively. Full of batshit craziness, a Golden Corral of word-salad with zero fact, but most definitely lively.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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