So Why Should Anyone Have a Problem With Jon Stewart Calling Chris Wallace “Insane” on Fox “News”?

You must have seen it by now, but here’s the Jon Stewart-on-Faux video during a Chris Wallace broadcast in which he calls Wallace “insane.” Personally, I love it. F’NC’s Ailes-driven agenda has led us all to a vaguely Orwellian present in which they act as the Right’s propaganda industry. It’s as simple as that. It takes someone like Stewart to say so on their air—not some shill for the Left spouting his/her own mirror version of spin—for the accusation to truly hit home. This is one of the things that makes Stewart such a dangerous guest for F’NC to book. Yet, for some reason, they do. Strange.

Stewart was only telling the truth. It’s not simply a matter of opinion that Fox’s “news” division receives “marching orders” from Roger Ailes; those orders are a matter of record. Wallace had to know that; to deny it is to deny fact, not opinion and is, therefore, insane.

What makes Stewart an “activist” in Wallace’s mind? Two things, perhaps: Stewart’s public platform; and he’s a leftist, therefore at odds with F’NC’s holy mandate. Wallace had to know that Stewart eviscerates the political left as freely as the right, witness his ridiculing of Anthony Weiner, who’s not only a progressive but a personal friend. Not to admit that is to deny reality, which is plainly insane.

Finally, Chris Wallace continues to cash a paycheck from Fox. It’s not only insane considering the way history will remember that benighted company, it’s the depth of craven behavior.

I agree with Jon Stewart. Chris Wallace is insane. That wasn’t hard to prove.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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