David Duke for President? No Way, Folks—But It’s An Indicator….

So David Duke’s interested in the White House….again. Let’s not lose our minds over it, though. His chances of winning are roughly the same as zombie Cotton Mather’s, so let’s calm down. He would, of course, further enliven what should be a very interesting Rep. debate season. Imagine the cast: Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain, potentially Palin, now Duke….now all we need is Alan Keyes and we’ll be all set. Get the popcorn ready, folks, ‘cos this’ll be like pro wrestling: Much fun, but we kinda know the outcome.

A quick history lesson: David Duke was once head of the KKK. Apparently, he’d now like to divest himself of his own biography, but there’s just one small problem—that’s impossible. Or is it? Could even someone like Duke convince the TP’ers of his gravitas? (Not that it would be that difficult, but there are so many others equally crazy each in their way….)

Now, notice in the Linkins piece how Stormfront’s leader identifies TP’ers as being essentially on the same page with supremacist goals. This is one of those rare times I’m forced to agree with him. I’ve spoken to far too many of those people for my taste, because they’ve so often taken me aside to describe Obama in racist terms, or to cast the government as being under the sway of sharia because—why?

Obama’s black, that’s why.

And these people have no experience with otherness; therefore they fall back onto what they remember the KKK, etc., have been saying: restore your pride in your own skin color, or lack thereof. And for that reason, I contend TP’ers have inherent racism to deal with, no matter how they defend themselves.

Personally, I don’t give a good goddamn whether the Klan objects to Westboro’s protests. I don’t care what the skullfuckers over at Westboro have to say, either. I know them both for what they are. And so do you. It’s a pity that membership in such organizations can’t simply be considered illegal, or at least so shameful that no member could ever consider running for any office anywhere, but such is America that these potentially ruinous individuals can publicize themselves.

David Duke’s potential candidacy should be an indicator to us all about who America is becoming in 2011. The image in the mirror isn’t pretty.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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