It’s Honda Indy Time Again

The Honda Indy’s this weekend here in Toronto, and I’m pretty excited by
the thought. Last year as this, Friday’s free. It amazes me that Torontonians
don’t know; I talked to a guy on the subway today who had no clue, and he was a
local. That’s a problem, but considering all the advertising around the city
right now, even on mass transit, not knowing surprises me.

Last year I went to the free-Friday test day, and to be honest I
liked it because I’d never been to a street circuit before and always
disparaged it as inferior racing because of the difficulty involved in passing
— few passing zones, slow speeds, the lot. Still, that Friday last year really
caught my attention. For one thing, I finally got to see the Canadian Tire
series in person; BTW, if you haven’t had the pleasure, you really should avail
yourselves. If Andrew Ranger enters I expect him to win, but in any case these
are true fire-breathing stock cars that make a great breeding ground for future
NASCAR stars.

For another thing, it meant getting to see A.J. Foyt in person. I don’t
care what anybody says, that man is the greatest driver who has ever lived. I
don’t “mark out” for very many people in life, but I did for him.

It also meant seeing the rest of the IndyCar series. Never think for
a second that those cars don’t get after it in practice; Marco Andretti’s wreck
proved that. It was also very interesting to see the crowds around Danica’s
paddock — many, many middle-aged men. I hardly know what to think about that,
but I’ll be curious to see how her “draw” there this year compares
with that of Simona deSilvestra.

There really is a party atmosphere at the venue, a good thing since
the Toronto waterfront has so much going on at any point during the summer.
This show, however, is something different. Louder than anything besides the
Air Show. BTW, starting next year the IndyCars will again be turbocharged; if
you have never heard an IndyCar turbo at full song, you should. It’s beautiful
and terrifying at once.

I’ll be photographing all three days’ business, and probably after-blogging
as well, so stay tuned to this space. From a health standpoint I’m slightly concerned, with the temps headed into the thirties C. Not a comfortable thought for a guy in his fifties
on heart pills, but I’m resolved to take care of myself. Many of the cars are
paddocked indoors, too, so that’s a comfort. I’ll be going there among other
places as soon as I become at all overheated. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have
worried about any such things as heat and health, but that was a long damn time

Never mind. I’m looking forward to a good time this weekend. Who’s
gonna win? Beats me, but we’ll see who’s good come Fri. More as it develops.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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