Orrin Hatch Says “The Poor Should Do More”: Somebody Remind Me Who Started The Class War, Anyway

Orrin Hatch has reached a new low. This is so beneath contempt and engages me so deeply that it reads as prima facie evidence Hatch needs to be exposed as the corrupt piece of shit he is. We all know the sources of his bankroll, but as with so many others we’ve let him go all these years.

And this is what it’s come to.

Of course, you’ll recall this scene from Mel Brooks’ marvelous and essential History of the World Part One. Unfortunately, it’s a Ted Kennedy clone who intones the punch line, but the point remains clear—the divide between poor and rich has grown to where a “man” like Hatch (I question his humanity) can actually say what he’s said and still expect to be re-elected next time.

I hear/read lots of folks on the Right speaking out in fear of a “coming class war.” Well, I’d like to ask you something: Who started it? The poor whose moans and howls can be heard around the world, or people like Hatch, the Kochs, the Bushes, etc., whose wealth is an international obscenity or whose positions help shield the rich from their just  responsibilities.

Guess where my vote goes.

Consider this statistic: some CEOs make approximately four hundred times what the average employee at the same company would make. On the Right, you’ll hear the argument that hamstringing earnings is the same as restricting free speech. Wow. Really? So now, instead of each person having an equal say in what happens in America, the real determining factor is how much money you have. Then you get a voice.

The Framers would’ve called for a second revolution. And they would’ve been absolutely correct. There needs to be another revolution in America, this time directed precisely at wealth and those who possess it. Sorry, folks, but it’s long past time. Of course, I mean non-violent revolution, meaning clear the decks of these corrupt cocksuckers, replace them with people who truly have the people’s needs at heart and who would not succumb to the entreaties of wealth.

“The poor should do more.” I’d like for all of you to remember Orrin Hatch said that, keep that in back of your mind. He’s sewage.

BTW, here’s a book recommendation on the subject in general: The Power Elite, by C. Wright Mills. It’s a foundation for much other sociological work on the wealth divide.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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One Response to Orrin Hatch Says “The Poor Should Do More”: Somebody Remind Me Who Started The Class War, Anyway

  1. Don in Mass says:

    If Ted Kennedy was alive and well today, he would have called out Orrin Hatch, immediately. Kennedy never liked hearing that kind of talk from a politician, whether Democrat or Republican.

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