I’m For Class Warfare

Here’s why: It became clear with Reagan that wealthy Americans already saw their situation in terms of war, and so they prepared the ground on which we all walk today. I heard the Pat Buchanan spewage this morning on MSNBC calling Obama’s jobs plan “class warfare,” when once again I was reminded how long we’ve all been living with class war, as the wealthy in the US have it easier than in any other developed country and yet their bought-and-paid-for political army, from Congress to lobbyists, continue to squeeze out the middle class and leave the poor to die without any hope whatever.

That, folks, is class warfare. The thing is, we’re dealing here with one more instance of Republican projection. Nothing else could explain such an otherwise irrational stance. We’re already at war, people. The war’s been on at the very least since the nineteen-eighties. Unfortunately, many Americans fail to realize that, and proceed as though nothing was wrong.

If this was not our common reality, it’d make one hell of a novel no editor would support. There’s fiction, after all, and then there’s this.

So here’s my recommendation: They want war, let’s give them war. Support the taxation of the wealthy until money comes pouring from their eyes. Tax them until they scream.

Want a number? How about a 65% top rate?

Scream, you fuckers. Let us all hear you scream.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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