A Response to Brian Lilley About Dick Cheney, War Criminal

I read Lilley’s piece in the Sun this week, and was duly appalled. I forgot for a moment I was reading a Canadian publication. Lilley’s loving the Kool-Aid, I guess, because he repeats all—and I mean all of Cheney’s already long-ago discredited talking points, takes them for Gospel; in so doing he helps foster the notion that Cheney simply has to reproduce those lies from nation to nation and hope the clock will run out on him before the guards from the Hague come knocking on his door in Arlington, VA.

OK, you got me. In my dreams….

So: Let’s have some fun with Lilley’s argument and see what we come up with:

“After reading his book and spending some time with him earlier this week while
he visited Vancouver, I can also say he was the right man at the right time in
both American and world history.” Wow. Lilley knows this because he read In My Time, which is nothing more than a rehash of the above talking points plus a series of hatchet jobs on people he perceives as enemies. This is so facile you can feel free to dismiss it for the nothing it is.

“Can you imagine Gore’s response to a terrorist attack such as 9/11? I shudder at the thought.” I don’t. GWB failed to read the PDB that Gore would have known was a red flag, a true emergency. At the very least he would’ve read the document.

“If we have learned anything about Gore since he lost his bid for the White
House, it is that he is a man of much pomp and little substance.” Huh? Who the hell is Lilley talking about? Trump? He’s only been trying to alert people to the need for addressing climate change, which doesn’t seem a terribly contentious point for most Canadians who cannot fail to notice the series of changes we’ve seen. As for the fearmongering in the paragraphs that follow, sure, these are quite real possibilities, but let’s also admit how well the Obama administration has handled the security situation thus far. As for Cheney’s swagger, let’s also remember that Obama was the one who whacked Osama, not Bush and not Cheney.

As to waterboarding, I don’t care whether you do it to one person or a thousand, if you do it once you’ve done it. You’ve committed a crime against humanity. Even a thorough piece of crap like Khalid Sheikh Muhammad should’ve been safe from torture. One of the other victims wound up giving reams of information, all of it useless because in the process he had lost his mind and told fictions his torturers duly passed along the chain of command. So much for waterboarding. By the way, we have no idea how many people we actually tortured in this or other ways. All we have is Cheney’s word, the word of a liar and criminal.

His connections to other criminal enterprises, such as Halliburton (his former company) and Blackwater of Tahrir Square infamy and so much else, are common knowledge. The United States committed war crimes on that man’s watch, in that man’s time, and the fact that he still roams free (along with all his cohorts, of course) is nothng less than an affront to the idea of human rigthts.

All Dick Cheney deserves is jail.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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