According To Bloomberg, The Kochs Are Traitors; So Let’s Bankrupt Them Already And Throw Them Into Jail For Life

Look. I’m not one whit surprised by this piece in Bloomberg that says our boys the Kochs have made billions in end-around schemes involving, of all countries, Iran. I don’t want to get into the minutiae of that piece because I want you to read it; for my part it’s important to address something larger.

This situation proves that the entire Rightist ideology is based on nothing more than myths, lies, illusions. The law-and-order folks are in fact the most egregious lawbreakers of all; everything they do is predicated on secrecy and their only goal is that unquenchable greed, that consuming addiction. Anyone who disagrees with them, their right to gather wealth no matter the human cost, is a traitor to America. All the while, the Kochs and their kind commit crimes of international proportions with apparent impunity.

Make no mistake, these are crimes; but the Kochs are of course by no means alone. If we ask why they’re still walking around as free men, we have to ask the same regarding GWB and Cheney, of Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld, of Feith and Woo and all the rest of the kakistocrats’ cabal—these men are guilty of war crimes of staggering proportion, but it seems as though most Americans would rather forget. That breaks my heart—so these men continue making huge amounts of money based on their crimes, “refilling the ol’ coffers,” as it were.

One can hope that the light of day as evidenced by this Bloomberg piece and too few others until now will finally bring the Kochs, etc., to their knees. When I say bankrupt them I mean it quite literally. I mean strip them of every dollar and leave them in a trailer park in Tampa, Florida to figure it out from there. Oh yes, and bankrupt everyone in the family; I mean take the entire fortune, down to the last brass cent. (Why? To make an example of them for the rest of history to remember, something the wealthy will never be able to forget: Go that way at your absolute mortal peril.) Jail every last criminal among them.

Then distribute their wealth among the poorest of Americans. Christ might well have done that. Jesus would not have abandoned the Kochs to a Tampa trailer park, though. That’s worse than prison. In fact, that’s torture.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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One Response to According To Bloomberg, The Kochs Are Traitors; So Let’s Bankrupt Them Already And Throw Them Into Jail For Life

  1. The Gulag in Siberia would be a great place them.

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