A quick note about the opening of Showtime (once Sunshine) Speedway

It’s beginning to look like June 1 is the projected opening date for Showtime Speedway. Robert and Danielle Yoho are in the midst of heavy labor right now, and are looking for anybody willing to volunteer some of their time. It sounds at the moment as though more hands would be much welcome. Personally, I don’t know how anyone can work down there in such heat as Tampa Bay can sometimes endure. Still, if you’re down there, are able-bodied, and can strip paint/re-paint, etc., they’d appreciate it.

So pencil in June first as “the night the Show begins.” If I lived in that area, I know where I’d be that evening. Besides, my birthday’s the next day so why not make a weekend of it, right?

Celebrate what you can in this world, however small the reason for the party. Showtime Speedway, June 1, sounds like a very good reason for celebration. We don’t often get race tracks back, as you all know. Once they go, they tend to stay gone. Showtime’s one exception, and when you think about it in those terms, this is quite a large, important reason to celebrate. Cheers!


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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One Response to A quick note about the opening of Showtime (once Sunshine) Speedway

  1. is there someway to get more info on Showtime. Like did it open and how can I get tickets for the next time it will open? my address is dan_923@yahoo.com Thanks

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