Allen West and His Communists

Wow, huh?

First, props to Barney Frank for saying the truth to idiocy. So: OK. Let me get this straight. Rep. West has “heard” there are as many as 80 Communists in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Say fucking WHAT?

From whom did he hear this? I want names, and I want them this instant. Not of the alleged Commies but those people who reported it. Other representatives? Pages? I know that if someone ever told me anything of that order of seriousness, I would not need to write down that person’s name. It would be branded into my brain. That was the thing with McCarthy, of course—he “had it on good authority that” So-and-So was a Commie; therefore that information was somehow unimpeachable.

Yeah, right. We saw that movie.

We now know one of two things must be true about West: 1) He’s the victim of some neurological disorder causing him for some reason to have flashbacks to the 1950s, an era he can hardly remember; or 2) He’s actually, honestly stupid and shameless and craven enough to think the word “Communist” has any sort of resonance with the American public, even the low-info voters in his particular district.

I think it’s 2), folks. So who’s he talking to? I think he’s talking to your grandparents who live down there, and essentially only them. Anyone else, never mind their politics, simply has to know that Communism as such does not exist in Congress. Bernie Sanders is the closest thing Congress has to a Communist, but trust me—he isn’t. In Canada he might be a member of the NDP, assuredly leftist but in no way allied to the policies of Marx and Engels, certainly.

If 80 members of Congress were anything like “secret Communists,” their plan would be working better than it is. So far, it’s been a crashing failure. Also, I wonder to whom they report—Putin? Zombie Lenin in his tomb?

Come on. Please.

Obviously, folks, West is a craven dullard of a man with gigantic delusions of grandeur. West, I’m certain that if Obama took you up on your challenge for a little one-on-one, not that he’d need the sparring practice but hey, what the fuck, that Barack Obama would make you run home crying to your mom. Of this I am certain. Of course, it will never happen. Obama doesn’t need to fight down the ladder but across.

Meanwhile, old folks in West’s home district soak up every word. There’s Communists! We better do something. What? Vote for West, I guess. Sometimes I think that’s pretty much the way it sounds in some houses. And West motormouths his way to….oblivion, let’s hope. Let’s hope his own words crush him under the sheer weight of their idiocy.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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