NC’s Shame: Voters Pass Ban on Gay Marriage

Clearly, this is ridiculous, but here we stand. NC voters decided that gay/lesbian couples should not exist, despite the calendar and the fact that such a stance is justly ridiculed in many parts of the nation and the world. It sets the stage for the Rightist fundamentalists to galvanize their party faithful, their congregations—”First North Carolina, next the nation.” Win or lose, they nonetheless gain a talking point they can use to fire up their base. This, of course, is culture-war stuff, of a kind practiced by the Karl Roves of this world.

It’s all they have for an arsenal now.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama sits down with Robin Roberts and comes out in support of gay marriage. Lovely timing.

Personally, it eludes me how anyone could wish to deny basic rights to gay/lesbian couples. Religion is an insufficient explanation; it amounts to hiding behind vestment. More to the point, to argue against these rights is to deny these couples any standing at all. It’s impossible for Rightists to maintain the canard that somehow, because of this denial, these unions don’t exist and therefore neither do the couples, and neither does their love.

That, of course, is an insult.

I suggest that LGBT folks, including allies, boycott NC until such time as gay/lesbian couples gain recognition in the state. If nothing else, vote with your wallets. And as for the people of North Carolina, I’m not surprised. Only ashamed.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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