About Going to Gulfport

On June 5th, I’ll be in Gulfport, MS to see two of my best friends on this earth, cited earlier. Gulfport is Bill’s town now; he served there in the Seabees and now has made it home, despite hurricanes and general economic degradation. Keith is coming in from St. Pete, which was where we met. So: from beach to beach, we resume.

For us, it’s a little like “gettin’ the band back together.” We’ve changed as people, naturally, and our collective losses have had a lot to do with that. Now we wonder what we’ll sound like after all this time. It’s a lovely thing. I don’t travel easily, but this jaunt is well worth making.

Somehow, we always manage to reconnect, made somewhat easier by technology of course but the simple fact that we do it constantly amazes me. It’s like an electromagnetic pulse, toward which we swing.

I’m hoping to blog a bit from there, and as a result some of those entries will include the socio-political dimension to some extent. I can’t imagine it otherwise. We all know that there’s real devastation (much of which has never—never—been rebuilt; see Treme, for a further example of this shame), but we’ll be seeing it for ourselves and that will be powerfully moving.

More as it happens.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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