“My Way Is the Highway”: Chris Matthews Nails It—INFRASTRUCTURE, Mr. President. Please

On Hardball today, Chris Matthews really said it for me: Mister President, invest in America’s failing infrastructure. Who could disagree? If you drive in America, you need no explanation, and know the routine: Orange cones and traffic delays. Leftist commuters see the cones as signs of an economy struggling to come back, while the Rightists see them as Obama trying once again to screw them (personally) over.

To my friends on the Right (and believe it or not I have them), I know it’s not all of you. Just some. But still….

I know lots of people involved with auto racing. Not to boast, but I’ve been around it in one way or another all my life. Literally. I think of all the racing teams who travel the insterstate system just to race; they all see the constant degradation of the system.

I have a solution: (to paraphrase a lick from King Crimson) 21st century infrastructure.

Imagine putting millions of people to work to fix what is obviously a shambles of a road system. Imagine the ancillary economies which would spring up as a result. This is what the Republicans are so afraid of—unchartable growth, of the kind they personally cannot control. Romney knows it. They all know it. And they cannot possibly get around that simple fact.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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